LoveQnS is an exclusive Digital Magazine  which collects Articles from the UK, USA, Europe, and Asia and around the world. This channel is fast and reliable we do not post anything unauthentic, whatever you find on the website is completely reliable and worth-reading.

We have some particular sources from where we collect our Articles and we do have some competent journalists who collect news for us. Other than news we post blogs, articles and speeches. Our articles are written by very creative writers who are educated and intellectual.

Our basic purpose is to spread the knowledge of Love and Happiness. LoveQnS provides the forum to its members, this very unique and lets you to interact with other members. Whenever you login on our site we use some of your information but for that we have defined policy.

The privacy policy of is sum-up in following points:

  • What type of data we collect from your provided information
  • How do we guard your given information?
  • How do we utilize your information?
  • Where we store your information?
  • Disclosure of your information
  • Assistance regarding assessing the information
  • Amendments in the privacy policy
  • Conditions for “under 18” users
  • Email rules and procedure
  • IP address and cookies

What type of data we collect from your provided information?

Our website is completely a reliable source and you can login on it without any hesitation and fear. Whenever you login on our site we need some information from your side. Two types of information are required.

  • One is the complete biography which includes your complete name and contact. Any financial information is also required if you want to buy anything.
  • Other type of information is IP address of the computer, this information is taken every time when you open

Sometimes we gather information about our user from other sources this is done because we want to do survey about the usage of our site. But we do inform you via any email.

How do we guard your given information?

Our security policy is very strict and rigid we do not modify it any cost. Whatever information you provide is guarded like our own personal thing. We have developed the shields so that your information may not be hacked or modified. Our sites have built in features like secret question through which you can protect yourself. If we find anything unusual on your account our control panel person immediately send you an email.

How do we utilize your information?

When you create your profile on our website your full name, email address, mobile or phone number, address and date of birth is save in our panel automatically. We sometimes do collect demographic information like interest. But all of information is specifically used for your own benefit. We do not send any kind ad via email to you. We only send you email to update you about the new thing on the website. Sometimes we add any new feature so we think that we should inform you so we send you email. Sometime for any survey we utilize your information like your interests so that we can make our website more interesting for you.

Where we store your information?

We have control panel of our site and we store your complete data on that, we allot a separate room to your information like this information is not messed up.

Disclosure of your information

Any kind of information you share with us is safe and secure we do not leak it in any way. We don’t even give your email address to anyone. If you receive any kind of annoying email you can contact us and report us against that. is our address where we respond to your questions.

Assistance regarding assessing the information

We provide every kind of support to our members and we do answer to our member’s entire query. As special place in the control is panel is provided to each member so if you want any assistance you can do live chat with our administrator.

Amendments in the privacy policy

If we bring any kind amendment in the policy then we will inform you via email address. As our change will not be against the conditions of cyber law so you cannot ask question to us related to the change. But while making change we always take care of our loyal members.

Conditions for “under 18” users

The information on our website is not for everyone, we have some parental lock so that children cannot access that information. We do have some content especially for kid, that content can help kids in their studies and self-grooming. Our administrator hides some adult content from kids and put password on that content.

Email rules and procedure

Sending the promotional content is treated as unethical in our values, so we do not send any kind of advertisement email to any of our member. We only send emails to update our members aboutthe latest happenings. Sometimes we send surveys which we think are important and according to your interests.

IP address and cookies

As it is already mentioned that we collect information about your computer as well, but we do not use that information for any fraudulent activity. This is basically the statistical data about the browsing action of user and this information does not identify any individual.

How to Contact the LoveQnS

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of the Website or your dealings with the Website (including your choices regarding cookies), please contact us at